Hello world!

I’ve wanted to do this for some time now – create a blog.  I’ve pondered what I wanted to share. Which aspects of my journey to invite others into.  It came to me, my journey as a disciple of Jesus Christ.  I promise not to go trudging way into the past…it has been 17 years.  Yet, I have a story I want to tell.  It’s not a completed story…it’s an unfolding one.

As to my tagline “Thoughts of a Late Bloomer”.  It came to me one day that, I am such.  Continue to visit and I’ll explain…hey I want to make sure you do come back.

Will this blog be simply me, retracing my story as a Christian? No, and I did say it was an “unfolding” story.  No, it will be kaleidoscopic. Stories, lessons with favourite songs, and scriptures all mixed into the pot.

So, do visit again and hopefully, some of what I share will impact you in a positive way!!